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Welcome to Ertmann Bodywork Factory and service van outfitting

For more than 100 years, our bodywork factory have serviced crafts and industry with car equipment and ancillary equipment that makes the working day easier. Do you need a price on a device, then state the carbrand, the cartype and the type of work the car is going to be used for.

Car Interior, Bodywork Factory, Electrical Installation, and GigantGrafik Graphical Decoration

We arrange all types of service cars and special vehicles.

Citroen Bodywork Factory"
Fiat Bodywork Factory"
Ford Bodywork Factory"
Hyundai Bodywork Factory"
Iveco Bodywork Factory"
Land Rover Bodywork Factory"
DAF Bodywork Factory"
Sabaru Bodywork Factory"
MAN bilindretning"
Mercedes-Benz bilindretning"
Mitsubishi bilindretning"
Nissan bilindretning"
Opel bilindretning"
Peugeot bilindretning"
Renault bilindretning"
Scania bilindretning"
Skoda bilindretning"
Toyota bilindretning"
Wolkswagen bilindretning"
Volvo bilindretning"