ArmaDlock safety lock

ArmaDlock safety lock for vans etc.

The new ArmaDlock can be mounted on both side doors and side-hung rear doors on vans.
The locks can function independently of the car's other central locking system.
The locks are supplied with MT5 cylinders with copy-protected keys and can therefore be included in a company's locking system with A-B-C key.
The key plug is protected with "shutter" function to ensure high operating stability under extreme conditions.
The lock's 12 mm locking ball is locked with a light pressure without the use of a key.
With the lock's unique structure, it can also be used as extra lock on doors, cabinets, doors etc.

Ertmann-Bilindretning | ArmaDlock | Backdoor lock

Backdoor lock

Ertmann-Bilindretning | ArmaDlock | Slidedoor lock

Slidedoor lock

The Key

Ertmann-Bilindretning | ArmaDlock | Key card
All MT5 cylinders come with the patented double-sided keys, with cuts that fit the 5 telescopic double-pins, as well as the alpha "spring" spring that presses a sixth pin, thus providing an additional safety point.
The combination of the two mechanisms increases the MT5 safety and thus limits the possibility of, among other things, straightening.
The key head of MT5 has an elegant ergonomic shape with a silk matte surface that makes the user experience unique.

Advanced key control

The security of the MT5 system is supported by the enclosed key card, which must be brought along when new keys have to be made.
The card is used by the MT5 locksmith to generate the code that the key should be cut by running the card through the unique KC5 key cutter.

Lock Unit

Ertmann-Bilindretning | ArmaDlock | Lock

Alarm system with remote control

The system can be connected to the car's locking system.

Ertmann-Bilindretning - Alarmsystem

Alarm System Functionalities

- Arm & disarm alarm
- Silent alarm
- Auto-rearming
- Panic & car search
- Stop siren temporarely
- Ring for help
- Anti-highjacking

- Auto central lock
- Vibration Sensor
- Hints for arming
- Warnings of improper closed doors
- Remote control code
- Alarm cancelling.